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Nothing much, just a pixel artist. You can't expect free pixel art from me, unless you are one of my friends who's been with me for couple years. Other then that, anything i tell you, you will not believe, but i ask you, DO YOU BELIEVE?

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Damn dude, really sorry for your losses. Hope you can feel better soon.

No i won't, i rather spend all my cancer money on couple new guns, liquor and go to sharp shooting practices, get a license to kill people and a license to own a gun
Maybe start killing thugs and gangs

Hey dude don't feel bad... I know how exactly you feel... It's just sad to let your Family go the long road... Hope you feel alright!

Damn dude you serious? I feel awful :(

Why do you feel awful? It's not you who doesn't have any family members
and yes, i am serious

Omg that's horrible dude. I'm sorry.

Why are you sorry? You killed my wife? No? Then why are you sorry?

It's called sympathy, and obviously you're not appreciative of it even after what you said to @DaskerKS.

I'm sorry @DaskerKS, i'm just frustrated after what happened and now i'm full of rage
and Blue, you should know that after what you have read

@DaskerKS , It refers to lamenting your loss.
Don't be mad :/

Yeah, man, I understand, don't worry m8

Woah...But even if you have some kind of shitty curse you're still breathing now, so go GO OUT THERE,FIND SOMEONE TO TALK TO AND GET A LIFE. There's no one to blame for your losses, so you don't have to shoot anyone. If this was in a movie, you'll end up being caught or shot by the protagonist cuz you're also a bad guy when you shoot other bad guys.
Sorry if i offended you in any way, but i just want you to be tough (without shooting people) after all of those.

You didn't offend me and yes, this does sound like a movie
Except that i'm an LA cop and under investigation who killed my wife and once i know who it is, i'll jail him in a tight room, no food, 1 glass of water everyday and i'll visit him every week for a beatdown, i have full rights to do this (Not really)
If not, then i'll just beat him up and once the death sentence is up, i will be the executioner

Why would i be standing still, when someone got the blood that i need to spill

Trust me, my wife was my treasure.... well mainly cause she was the only one who asked me out for a date

But, dude, don't respond if you want. But, how did your wife got shooted? That's fcking crazy man.

She got shot in a middle of the street in kidney, she was in a terrible shape and probably dead, she's in the hospital at the moment, but now i must find out who shot my wife.... Good thing my colleagues helping me out reveal who it is, so far no results