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Nothing much, just a pixel artist. You can't expect free pixel art from me, unless you are one of my friends who's been with me for couple years. Other then that, anything i tell you, you will not believe, but i ask you, DO YOU BELIEVE?

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DiamondEclipse's News

Posted by DiamondEclipse - January 11th, 2017

I have cancer... i'm serious, I have a giant tumor slowly growing. I have ~2 years left to live

So if anyone can give me some motivation during this time

But enjoy my WIP pixel art


This is a simple project for the game Killing Floor 2

This guy is called "Batcat!" 

Posted by DiamondEclipse - December 17th, 2016

So, as i said before, my OC became a Team Fortress 2 boss for Freak Fortress 2 mod and he just got released

Gameplay: https://youtu.be/mQ5DaP7oxz4

Vs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxV37j_aMSY

Thanks to @demon1000 for the soundtrack http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/704959 #Sponsored

Now, i need some help with some more boss development. I need a voice actor for the boss, since in stock it's just a tf2 spy with a deep voice, but i need a real voice with unique lines

So, if anyone can help me, PM me

Now, if anyone wants to join me on some fun

Here is my profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Krim4T2/


Have a Nice day and Keep Believing!

Posted by DiamondEclipse - November 6th, 2016

Hello everyone who followed me and supported me on NG, i got bad news... i'm leaving NG for Lack of content, Personal things and being too presured about everything

So, i'm gonna leave my last 3 pieces of art here


5879737_147846539391_Demon1000.pngThis one was specifically made for @demon1000 for being such a nice person and making me a soundtrack for my Freak Fortress 2 boss (Gonna announce and post videos when boss model is made)

Now for a couple mentions and last words

@CatOfSnow Thanks for everything and keeping me entertained and i will probably make a drawing of you too

uhhh... that's it?


So, for my last words:

Stop believing, because death is unavoidable


Posted by DiamondEclipse - September 25th, 2016

so, you noticed that i stopped making art. Reason is that my laptop battery died and my order still hasn't come

Other than that... what would you say if i started to make comic? with a story..... without a single page comedy comic

Thanks to @demon1000 for the soundtrack http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/704959

This was inspired by my art as he said... sooner or later, my character will become a boss in a Team Fortress 2 mod called Freak Fortress 2, Script and stuff is already made, except the model... seems that black suit spy with a black face and red eyes is hard to make


Alright, that's all and keep believing

Posted by DiamondEclipse - August 1st, 2016

My wife is back from the dead, thanks to the doctors

She got all the blood needed and now i'm 3k dollars short from paying the hospital bill, she got a new kidney tho, so that is nice. But now i can find out who shot her and i can chill out

Posted by DiamondEclipse - July 29th, 2016

Because every single one of my family members died, even my wife died of bleedout. I won't be able to draw anything now, getting drunk doesn't help and my medicinal herb doesn't help niether.... So what now?

This is seriously a curse, my parents died when i was 16 in car crash. My wife died when she got shot. My brothers, sisters and cousins died and so did my uncle, aunt and grandparents... i'm the only one alive

It's time to pull out this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsxsN7Ivc4Y


Now it's time to start my training and prepare my guns. This scene kinda reminds me of the John Wick movie, except it's not a dog that is left from everyone i love, but a cat

Posted by DiamondEclipse - July 25th, 2016

Votes are in!! BFOJ won

Now deal with what you get


Next is Grim Fandango.... Pretty inspiring game

Posted by DiamondEclipse - July 21st, 2016

Need help deciding which game should become my next drawing





You choose and i'll make it

Posted by DiamondEclipse - July 20th, 2016

and now it's time to die 5879737_146901387191_Importedpiskel.png


Pros: I get to go to the festival

Cons: I don't have Madness: Project Nexus 2 and still can't invest money in paypal to buy 60$ pre-order to play alpha

Posted by DiamondEclipse - July 15th, 2016

HALLLP!! I need ideas what to make.

So if only someone could give me inspiration to make something, that would be awesome from him/her

Include music into it too (Can't draw without music)