Entry #28

Worse News... no seriously

2017-01-11 10:37:24 by DiamondEclipse

I have cancer... i'm serious, I have a giant tumor slowly growing. I have ~2 years left to live

So if anyone can give me some motivation during this time

But enjoy my WIP pixel art


This is a simple project for the game Killing Floor 2

This guy is called "Batcat!" 


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2017-01-11 11:22:03

well my grandfather had cancer he died in 2016 and i must tell you that its going to be painfull i hope you live another 10 years


2017-01-11 11:25:41

I'm sorry to hear that. Stomach cancer took an aunt away from me years ago. It was awful.


2017-08-01 20:38:47

WHAT!? oh god. . .how the hell did i not notice this for the following months that passed? Im so sorry Man, I really am. ..