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Nothing much, just a pixel artist. You can't expect free pixel art from me, unless you are one of my friends who's been with me for couple years. Other then that, anything i tell you, you will not believe, but i ask you, DO YOU BELIEVE?

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DiamondEclipse's News

Posted by DiamondEclipse - June 11th, 2016

Nothing to do, someone entertain me

No, i won't draw anything, cause out of ideas what to do

Posted by DiamondEclipse - June 9th, 2016

Does anyone have that one friend that won't stop gifting gifts, i do

I have a friend djeuchim who gives me free stuff all the time, but i'm starting to get sick of it, so either i just decline them or burn them, But still he insists, even when i offer something back, he declines

So, if anyone got this one friend, tell me


Posted by DiamondEclipse - June 9th, 2016

BEHOLD..... I have no idea what to draw now

Y'know, cause i had so many ideas before, until i had to do some LA murder investigation under the LA river.... Some hookers got killed there, some jack the ripper shit is going on there... but now i want to sleep and i'm angry        So yea, i forgot what to make now, anyone got any suggestions?5879737_146546752751_moshed_2016-3-27_12.59.7.jpg

You won't like me when i'm angry

Posted by DiamondEclipse - June 6th, 2016

Anyone got that feeling when you got the great idea for an art, but you have to do your job or go to school and when suddenly that great idea vanishes from the memory and never comes back ;-;

Posted by DiamondEclipse - June 1st, 2016

Basically there is a connection

@mrportalman123 @TheTrueBonanza


Posted by DiamondEclipse - May 27th, 2016

I need an oppinion on my art, cause i think i make shit instead of art and i won't pass scouting

Here are some examples:




I'm a bit ashamed of myself, but if it is really bad, just spit out the bad comments

Posted by DiamondEclipse - May 23rd, 2016

I'm just bored, so just tell me what you want and i'll send them by private messege

Posted by DiamondEclipse - May 19th, 2016

Eh, i didn't want to use my old one, i'm just a pixel artist with no other interest.

Anything i tell about myself will be a lie, the thing i do you won't believe, but i ask you, DO YOU BELIEVE?

One of my arts that i don't really like